Concepts I use every day: minimum, core working group

Larger organisations can lead to a fear of not being seen

Small organisation: “Hi Jason, I saw you were at Byrant Park last weekend. How’s Project A going?”; Large organisation: “I’m sorry… do you work here?”
1. “Please join if you have a strong perspective to share about X.”; 2. 20 minutes later…; 3. “Okay, let’s talk about X.”; 4. “I don’t have any perspective on X.”

People joining initiatives and meetings only to be seen, makes those initiatives and meetings slower

Common thought: “I should say something to justify why I’m here.”
“Just ignore the massive, non-participating crowd. This is a focused working session.”

Initiatives and meetings should instead rely on a minimum, core working group

Core working group = relevant background and/or skills; willingness to actively particpate; distinct perspective

Sharing later with a wider group helps stakeholders feel seen and involved without impeding progress

Draft → Share → Decide



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