Concepts I use every day: PDCA

PDCA is a model for structured problem-solving

Plan Do Check Act

PDCA is a false, but useful model to avoid common errors

PDCA is a simple, not entirely accurate, but useful model to remind ourselves to avoid common errors:

Common PDCA errors: Do without planning, Not checking, Not capturing lessons

Another way to think about PDCA: Think, Act, Think Again

Think, Act, Think Again

Borrowing from Adam Chan, another way of thinking about PDCA might be:

The key things are:

Think, Just Do It, Reflect

Think, Just Do It, Reflect

I previously called this a Just Do It, Reflect cycle (better described as a Think, Just Do It, Reflect cycle) based on acknowledging the cognitive load of improvement.

“We’ll set aside some time to think about what we want to do, which is hard work, but then we’ll just do it… and then based on a trigger and/or a set time, we’ll reflect and adjust.”

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