Concepts I use every day: The Miracle Question

Let’s pretend a miracle happened and all our problems are solved. Everything is perfect. Don’t worry about how it happened, it was a miracle. How could you tell? What’s different now after the miracle?

The Miracle Question comes from Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. There are similar techniques from other sources: Remember the Future, Idealized Design, The Spice Girls Question.

The basic ideas are the same:

  • Create clarity about what you really want over clarity about what you don’t want;
  • Don’t limit want you want based on what is currently happening or whether you know how to get it;
  • Anchor off of perfect, not off of “good enough”.

I’ve found the Miracle Question encourages hope, progress, and creativity.

I typically use the Miracle Question when the answer to “How are things going? How might things be better?” is something like “It’s fine”.