Jason’s perspective on effective product development culture (circa 2022)

You can see this as either my summary of what I consider effective product development culture OR a summary of the kind of product development culture I prefer working in.

I will link to expanded versions of each point over time.

Feel free to ask, suggest, comment while I work through this.

Core beliefs

Guiding principles

  • The basic unit of product development is the team, not the individual;
  • Autonomy is enabled by clear intent and technical excellence;
  • Cross-pollination over imposed standards;
  • Developing products is about developing people;
  • Think big, work small;
  • Speed generates quality;
  • Limit the “blast radius”;
  • Don’t just borrow wisdom; think for yourself

Key practice sets

  • TDD, evolutionary design, pairing/mobbing;
  • Continuous Delivery normally; release trains when regular synchronisation required;
  • Heartbeat retrospectives and blameless postmortems;
  • T-shaping;
  • Decoupled architecture and gradual rollout;
  • Continuous Research, Continuous Design, Continuous Delivery

Senior Agile Coach at Spotify, ex-ThoughtWorks, ex-CruiseControl