Guiding principle: the basic unit of product development is the team, not the individual

Teams are not the same as groups of individuals

  • shared purpose;
  • shared definition of performance;
  • shared working approach;
  • complementary skills;
  • mutual accountability(aka “we’re in it together”)

Shared working agreements over optimising solely for individual preferences

“We’re a team” but each person is playing a different sport. “I’m playing football”, “I’m playing baseball”, “I’m playing rugby”, “I’m playing basketball”, “I’m playing hockey”.
Teams require a shared working approach

Team self-selection over team assignment

High performing teams do not become performing instantaneously… but structure should follow strategy

Even though the Tuckman model isn’t linear, we can at least say it takes time for teams to reach performing (from Doc Norton’s “Tuckman was wrong”)





Staff Agile Coach at Spotify, ex-ThoughtWorks, ex-CruiseControl

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Jason Yip

Jason Yip

Staff Agile Coach at Spotify, ex-ThoughtWorks, ex-CruiseControl

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