Strategy for life: importance vs addressability

Jason Yip
Dec 28, 2023

I noticed an HBR article from early December called “Use Strategic Thinking to Create the Life You Want”. It made me think about The Crux, specifically impact vs addressability.

If we’re talking “strategy for life”, instead of “impact” for the y-axis, I’ll suggest “importance” to your values and who you want to be. The x-axis remains “addressability”.

  • High-importance, high-addressability: Strategic focus
  • High-importance, low-addressability: Romantic, lost causes
  • Low-importance, high-addressability: Distractions
  • Low-importance, low-addressability: Obvious things to ignore
2x2 matrix importance vs addressability. High importance, low addressability: Romantic, lost causes. High importance, high addressability: strategic focus. Low importance, low addressability: Obvious things to ignore. Low importance, high addressability: distractions.
Focus on high importance, high addressability items.



Jason Yip

Senior Manager Product Engineering at Grainger. Extreme Programming, Agile, Lean guy. Ex-Spotify, ex-ThoughtWorks, ex-CruiseControl