Top 5 posts by popularity for 2023

Jason Yip
1 min readJan 5, 2024
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  1. The age of cargo cult Agile must end from February with 39k views and 21k reads. This was a response to someone else’s viral post.
  2. My critique of “the Spotify Model”: Part 1 from January with 20k views and 10.8k reads. Another Spotify post.
  3. Fixing “Too much WIP” from January with 5.3k views and 2.4k reads.
  4. 5 things that are typically confused for productivity from September with 5.2k views and 2.7k reads.
  5. Yes, you can measure software developer productivity… but are you sure that’s what you’re measuring or want to measure? from November with 5.1k views and 2.2k reads. This was a response to a McKinsey article that many people were also responding to.

Reflections… Reacting to viral posts seems popular. I think there’s a certain energy in the writing that can be more engaging. “Spotify Model” posts remain popular. It seemed like productivity was becoming a trendy topic but nowhere near as popular (even combined) as general Agile, Spotify posts.

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