Don’t skip the basic steps with organisational change


Prompt: “Create an image representing basic steps”

Just saying or writing “we’d like you to do X” is unlikely to lead to people doing X if there is any kind of reluctance to do X. Usually, you also need to use more sophisticated tactics to address multiple sources of influence.

Having said that, don’t skip the easy, basic steps.

It’s pretty cheap to explicitly say or write “we’d like to do X”. And sometimes there isn’t any reluctance.

It is unnecessarily confusing to do all the fancy steps with role modelling, adjusting incentives, etc. but skip over the basic step of just saying what you’d like to happen.



Jason Yip

Senior Manager Product Engineering at Grainger. Extreme Programming, Agile, Lean guy. Ex-Spotify, ex-ThoughtWorks, ex-CruiseControl